Kelly Osbourne Confirms She's Having a Baby Boy and Joining Her Parents' Reality Show in the UK (Exclusive)

ET spoke to the mother-to-be about preparing for baby, her health and more.

Kelly Osbourne is getting ready to welcome her first child. Kelly spoke to ET's Matt Cohen, airing on Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, where she confirmed that she's having a baby boy and revealed that she'll be joining her parents, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, for their new reality TV show in the U.K.

Kelly's dad spilled the beans about the sex of his daughter's baby before she had the chance to announce it, but the singer said she can't fault her father for his excitement over becoming a grandfather once more.

"I mean, he's told everyone," Kelly said, "....the gender of my baby before I ever got the chance to, and I'm just like, 'Aww Dad, come on. Like, come on,' but I will say, every single day he does this little song and this little dance about how excited he is, and he is so excited that it's a boy. It's the first -- out of me and my brother, it's the first boy, so, he's like planning all these things."

Kelly said her parents have been supporting her "every step of the way," and have been "incredible" since announcing in May that she was welcoming her first child with Slipknot DJ Sid Wilson.

"I'm really, really excited," she gushed. "And my parents have been incredible and been with me every step of the way on this journey, 'cause my boyfriend is in a band, they tour, so, he's hardly been here, so, every milestone I've kinda gone through with my dad, and he's been great, even though he sometimes says the wrong thing. I'll walk into the room and he'll go, 'Wow, you're big.' and I'm like, 'Thanks, Dad.'"

Kelly's baby boy is not the only thing she has brewing. She's gearing up to return to reality TV -- 20 years after season 1 of The Osbournes first aired -- joining her parents on their new show in the U.K., Home to Roost.

"I'm doing the show too," she revealed. "It's weird, at first I was like, 'Oh, am I going to get PTSD? Is this strange?' But the more we're kinda getting in the swing of it, it's just like second nature. I mean, I get paid to be myself, so, it's great."

Things are a little different since Kelly first appeared on reality TV as a teen. One thing in particular that has changed is the fighting viewers used to see between her and Jack.

"It's different, like, Jack and I do not fight," Kelly said. "We are best friends, and to see him with his family, and me with my family now -- I can't believe I'm even saying that, it's crazy."

"They're gonna be on the journey with us, as you know. I will be splitting my time, half the time in the U.K., half the time here, and which is great since Sid’s half-English as well," she added. "He has all of his family over there, and my child will be able to have the same kind of life I did, just not on the road."

Tune in to Tuesday's episode of Entertainment Tonight for more of ET's interview with Osbourne.

In addition to gearing up to be a mom, Kelly is shedding light on No Sugar Day. Falling on Oct. 3, No Sugar Day is an international initiative championed by Brad Woodgate to get people and other food companies to make the conscious decision to decrease their sugar intake for a healthier mind and body.

The initiative is especially important for Kelly, who revealed she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in her third trimester of pregnancy. 

"I had terrible terrible, terrible heartburn, acid reflux, my feet were swelling, and I was having rapid weight gain, and I was like, 'I don't understand this, I'm not eating enough to make this add up, what's happening?''' Kelly said of the symptoms that led her to believe something was amiss.

"So, I went to the doctor, and I'd already done a test and passed it, but then when I got to my third trimester, they tested me again and it turned out that I had gestational diabetes, and the whole time, I just sat there being like, 'What what did I do wrong? What am I eating that's so bad?' Because I thought I was eating relatively healthy," she continued. "It turns out, I was not, but it was not anything I did. You either get it, or you don't, and I think it's more to do with me being 37 than any amount of sugar that I was eating. But now that I know what I know about sugar, I don't think I'll ever eat the same again."