Kermit the Frog Gives Advice for Working With Your Ex After Miss Piggy Breakup (Exclusive)

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When in doubt, let Kermit the Frog figure it out! The Muppets star spoke to ET's Nischelle Turner about life since his breakup with Miss Piggy and how the two have managed to work together on their YouTube Originals' special, Dear Earth.

"I guess I would say, you know, when you’ve dated somebody, you should...and maybe things don’t work out how you maybe want or not want 'em...I don’t wanna say one way or the other, but never let that other person watch your interviews on Entertainment Tonight, Kermit joked. "Or you’re gonna have a very long talk the next time you see each other and then unfortunately for me, Miss Piggy never misses your show."

In the special, Kermit and his Muppet friends team up with Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith, President Barack Obama and more to celebrate the planet and share the small ways in which we can all help make earth a better place.

"Dear Earth...well, it’s about what all of us can do to help the planet, help earth, and it’s for humans as well as frogs and pigs and bears and whatever’s, because we could all make a difference," he explained. "You’re going to see great performances and inspirational messages from people like Billie Elish and Jaden Smith and President Obama, and even the Muppets own Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. You’re going to laugh, you’re going to learn, [and] you’re gonna definitely see a talking frog."

While Kermit said he was excited to share the stage with the former president, he admitted that he was most excited to meet Eilish.

"Well, you know, no offense to the president, but I’m really excited to meet Billie Eilish," Kermit shared. "She's so talented. She’s such a powerful singer and she sometimes has green hair, and I would love to know how she grows it."

With such a star-studded lineup, it didn't take much for the frog to convince his Muppet friends to join in on the fun.

"It didn’t take much convincing at all. We're bringing along Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem," Kermit revealed. "That’s Janice and Floyd and Zoot, and of course Animal, and I really didn’t have to do anything." 

He continued, "They took a break from touring to be part of Dear Earth. It didn’t help that their tour bus broke down, but you know you got to do what you got to do. They’re gonna be performing the world premiere of their one-of-a-kind version of the Electric Light Orchestra's classic, 'Mr. Blue Sky.'"

Earlier this year, Kermit and the Muppets celebrated the 85th birthday of their late creator, Jim Henson, who debuted the classic series, The Muppet Show, in 1975. When asked about the legacy Henson left behind, Kermit said the show's talented creator will always be a part of him.

"Jim is and was and will always be part of me," Kermit said. "He was the first one to believe in the Muppets, the first one to believe that folks would wanna watch a frog and a pig and a bear and the rest of us singing and dancing and doing our silly stuff."

Kermit said it was a big leap of faith for Henson to take, but one that clearly paid off as the Muppets and their crew continue to show up on our screens in special like Dear EarthMuppets Haunted Mansion and more.

"And that's a big leap of faith, and speaking of frogs, as a frog I know leaps, but for the Muppets, our job is to keep on believing and pretending and keep doing our best to make people happy, and as long as we keep doing that Nichelle, Jim’s legacy is gonna live on forever," he added.  

Dear Earth is available to stream now, on YouTube, and kicks off YouTube Originals’ October programming focused on sustainability.


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