Kim Kardashian's Aaliyah Halloween Costume Ignites Debate on Twitter

The reality star paid homage to several pop icons over Halloween weekend, but one in particular didn't sit well with some on social media.

This year for Halloween, Kim Kardashian West paid tribute to some major music icons, but not everyone is happy with one homage in particular.

The reality star dressed up as Cher, Madonna and Aaliyah over the pre-Halloween weekend, and her portrayal of the late latter artist drew fire on Twitter.

"Baby girl Aaliyah," the 37-year-old reality star captioned the video.

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Many people took to Twitter to call out Kim's portrayal of the legendary R&B singer -- who tragically died in 2001 at just 22-years-old -- as disrespectful and offensive.

However, many also came to Kim's defense, praising her costume and pointing out that she did not appear to alter her skin tone, or go "blackface," an offensive face-painting technique that is widely condemned whenever dressing up as a person of color.

Others still were unenthused by the costume, but didn't find anything offensive about it.

How do you feel about Kim's Aaliyah costume?

Watch the video below for another one of her Halloween outfits.