Kristen Bell Gives Powerful, Hilarious Monologue at 2018 SAG Awards: 'We Are Living in a Watershed Moment'

The show's first ever host also poked fun at 'Get Out' and 'GLOW,' which sending a motivational message to actors watching from home.

Kristen Bell promised women would "take center stage" at the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and she was the first in the spotlight Sunday night, kicking off the show with a silly take on the traditional "I am an actor" opening bit.

"When I was young I used to record Disney movies on my cassette player. I would sing every lyric in the Disney cannon, knowing and believing that one day I would be part of that magic. I am Kristen Bell and I am a narcissist," she said. "Sorry-- and I am an actor!"

Bell, who serves as the show's first-ever host, joked, "It's the first time. First person. First lady, right? And I honestly never thought that I would grow up to be the first lady, but I kind of like it. I think my first initiative as first lady will be cyber bulling, because I have yet to see any progress made on that problem. And I'm looking at you, Tony Hale." As the camera cut to the Veep actor angrily typing on his phone, Bell added, "He's savage on Twitter, I'm serious."

Here are a few more of her zingers:

"I'm thrilled to see the cast of GLOW. GLOW for those of you who are unfamiliar is about a tour-de-force of powerful, strong, thoughtful ladies who get roped into doing Marc Maron's podcast."

"Elisabeth Moss is here from the documentary, The Handmaids Tale. Woo, that's a sad one. Elisabeth, let's do a quick check-in on your serotonin levels."

"The cast from Get Out is here, serving as a walking reminder that if you say yes to the tea party, you're immediately on your way to the sunken place. It's just a fact."

While keeping things light and fun, Bell also sent a motivational message to the actors who "have just gone on their 20th fruitless commercial audition" who are watching from home. "This show is for you guys! And it's to entice you to stick around!" she said. "Because it's a true privilege to experience and share the wide scope of humanity."

"Everyone's story deserves to be told, especially now," Bell continued. "We are living in a watershed moment, and as we march forward with active momentum and open ears, let's make sure that we're leading the charge with empathy and with diligence, because fear and anger never win the race. Most importantly, regardless of our difference, I think we can all come together and delight in one thing: Frozen 2 is coming out in theaters in 2019."