Matt Damon Talks Bald Cap Vs. Man Bun & Holiday Traditions With His Wife Luciana Barroso (Exclusive)

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Matt Damon is no stranger to out-there hairstyles. After rocking a man bun in his 2016 film, The Great Wall, Damon went bald in his new movie Downsizing. Well, sort of…

Damon, 47, opened up to ET’s Nischelle Turner at a press junket for the film on Monday, talking about the bald cap he wore and how his family reacted to the two looks.

“They actually were there when we shot that, so I let my little kids come,” the father of four explained. “When we took off the bald cap -- it took about four hours to put on -- when we took it off, you could just kind of tear it.”

As for man bun vs. bald cap, Damon said, “Well, because when I came home the man bun was just, we had to put it into a man bun, but, no, they thought that was really funny. So that was probably [the bigger hit]. The bald cap was kind of more of a curiosity.”

Bald cap vs. man bun

“It was like a fruit rollup on your head,” Damon’s co-star, Hong Chau, noted.

“It was like a fruit rollup on my head,” he agreed. “I have determined there are some looks I just can’t pull off.

Damon is currently gearing up to celebrate the holidays with his wife, Luciana Barroso, and their kids.

“We just get everybody together and eat our faces off, which is great,” he dished. “I love the holidays and any excuse to get people together, have too much food and wine is good in my book.

He noted that when he got married, he had to change his outlook on Christmas tree decorating.

“I married a day after Thanksgiving tree person,” he quipped. “I was not and that was not our way in my family. We were kind of like, ‘Oh, it's the 24th. Run and get a tree!’ But no, I married into a different kind of expectation, set of expectations.”

Downsizing hits theaters Dec. 22.

For more from Damon, watch the clip below!


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