Meagan Good on Aspiring to Build a Family Since Split from Ex-Husband DeVon Franklin (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Good at the premiere of her new film, 'Day Shift.'

Meagan Good is stepping into 41 in style. The actress, who just celebrated her 41st birthday Monday, spoke to ET's Kevin Frazier at the premiere of her new film, Day Shift, about the big day, her busy year and her plans for starting a family amid her divorce from her ex-husband, DeVon Franklin

"Man, it's been amazing. It's been such a crazy, crazy year, but it's been like, so many blessings, so many good things, so much learning and growth," Good gushed. "To be able to work on a show with girls that I actually really love and producers that I love, love me, see me, create things for me -- to be able to do this film with Jamie and Datari and J.J. and Snoop and everything."

"I'm feeling pretty good," she added.

Day Shift sees Jamie Foxx as a hardworking dad out to provide for his daughter by using a boring pool-cleaning job as a front for his real gig: hunting and killing vampire -- some of which Good helped kill as well.

"The biggest thing for me, I was like, as I got into my 40s, I want to do more action, I want to do more kick a** stuff. I want to show that we do this at this age. We are our best and moving into our best to come," Good shared. "It was amazing to work alongside of him. He's just a ball of energy and light and love. He wants to make sure that everybody is having a beautiful day and having fun. That's really important, because when you're on set, it's quality of life. You're not just showing up for work, you're showing up for life, and you want that quality to be special."

Off set, Good is having an "interesting" year as a single woman, following her Dec. 2021 split from Franklin. While she's embracing this new season in her life, the Harlem actress said she's hopeful and for the possibility of staring a family.

"A lot more directing. Hopefully kids at some point, or a kid," Good said when asked what's next for the TV and film star. "Traveling, more traveling. Creating more vehicles for young, black girls. Make sure that they are able to show that they are more than how somebody may see them, but that they're capable of so many different things. A lot more talking, mentoring, speaking. So, it just depends."

Good, who called it quits with Franklin after nine years of marriage, opened up about their split in January.

During a Twitter Spaces conversation with xoNecole and the cast from Amazon Prime Video's Harlem, the 40-year-old actress shared how she was handling the divorce process and healing from what she calls the "most painful" experience of her life.

"Throughout life, I've always approached relationships as understanding that at some point, they'll get to the place that they're going to, and then they would be over," she said. "I've always had an attitude of like, 'All right, next chapter. We'll see what's next,' and being OK with that and appreciating what you give to someone and what they give to you and sharing a moment in time and in life that you never get back regardless of how it ends. In my situation right now, it's a little bit different because I thought that that would be the last time that I would be doing that and that I would be doing this with that person forever."

The actress and the Hollywood producer/author got married on June 16, 2012 and have no children together. They initially met on the set of their 2011 film, Jumping the Broom, and got engaged in May 2012.

Revealing that the divorce had been in progress since August 2021, she said that divorcing Franklin has been "the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life."

"Not everything makes sense to me right now, but I do trust God overall and I'm excited to see what this next act of life is going to be and what God has in store and that's all I can really do but even in doing that, I do have gratitude and so much joy in my heart for these past 11 years that DeVon and I have been together," she added. "What he's given into my life and what I was able to give to him, just everything. Every season, every single part of it has been incredible."

See Good in Day Shift when it premieres on Netflix August 12.