Kate Hudson Predicts Gender of New Baby


It's a girl for Kate! That is, if you believe the age-old practice of Pendulum reading. ET correspondent Samantha Harris caught up with the very pregnant Kate Hudson, and the cast of 'Something Borrowed' to discuss love, relationships, and babies for their highly-anticipated new film.

When asked if she knew the sex of her new baby, a glowing Kate responded "no," but did offer to try a bit of a spiritual experiment with Samantha - A pendulum reading. Determined by holding a suspended pendant over the belly, the practice is said to reveal the gender of an unborn baby by interpreting the hovering object's pattern of movement. Hudson says she performed the reading with her previous pregnancy, and it successfully predicted her son Ryder's gender.

In this moment, Kate is a far cry from her character Darcy, who in the film is a self-absorbed, and sometimes selfish, alpha female. When asked if she could relate with "wild girl" Darcy, she responded that a part of her could certainly connect with her character because she "likes to have a good time', and has definitely had her "[Darcy] moments."

Although the film is filled with drama and angst, cast mate John Krasinski says that behind the scenes, the crew got along famously. He assures Samantha that they "had a great time" during filming. "There was no drama whatsoever," explaining that they "ended up hanging out with each other more than [they] expected to."

When conversation moved to expectant Kate, John hinted that he and wife Emily Blunt are heading in a similar familial direction with their recent adoption of a puppy. He playfully joked that the adoption gave the couple good practice because "getting a puppy is exactly the same thing as having a baby."

The movie also stars Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Darcy's consummate good-girl best friend Rachel, who after a night of drinking on Rachel's thirtieth birthday, sleeps with her best friend's fiancé, Dex, played by silver screen newcomer, Colin Egglesfield.

Check out the trailer for 'Something Borrowed' right here, and make sure to mark your calendars for the film's National release on May 6, 2011.