Dramatic New Footage: Lisa Ling's Mom Undergoes 'Stem Cell Facelift'


In revealing new video footage, journalistLisa Ling's mom Mary undergoes a radical new facelift procedure using revolutionary stem cell technology.

Despite the rarity of the method, she didn't show any signs of trepidation before the procedure. "I did some research and made an appointment," Mary revealed. "After talking to [the doctor], I have no doubt that I want to do this. I have no anxiety or fear at all."

Those brave words were all thanks to Dr. Nathan Newman, a cosmetic surgeon based in Beverly Hills who endorses his new form of face rejuvenation without the use of anesthesia or knives. He explained how this technique uses your body's own stem cells found in your fat tissues to help regenerate your tissues in order to heal and repair damage and reverse the signs of aging. The best part? The doc says it's safer than the traditional cosmetic surgery processes with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

"It's the safest procedure you can have since it's your own body's fat and stem cells," Dr. Newman explained. "You cannot be allergic to them and you cannot have a negative reaction to them. They're genetically programmed in your body to repair and regenerate your tissues."

Dr. Newman also revealed how Hollywood is beginning to embrace this new state-of-the-art procedure and said that only time will tell when the rest of us will too. Hear more from Mary and Dr. Newman, including a peek at the process!