Jennifer Aniston on Relationship with Justin Theroux: 'I'm Very Happy and Very Lucky'


Jennifer Aniston
seems to have finally decided to let the public in on how she feels regarding her relationship with fellow actor Justin Theroux.

"I'm very happy and very lucky," the actress gushed when asked the question that's on everyone's mind.

Apart from her status update, Aniston also touched on other subjects during an interview for her upcoming film, 'Horrible Bosses.' She mentioned how much fun it was playing the role of Dr. Julia Harris, the "maneater," getting to know her main on-screen partner Charlie Day, and her own personal horrible boss moment (sans revealing the culprit, of course).

It was a laugh fest with the guys, as they turned their time into a stand-up special with Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie chiming in with witty comments and retorts. All jokes aside, the crew feels confident that the film will provide laughs and they even shed some light on who they would like as a boss. Hint: it's someone you might be familiar with.

"I would choose the dentist lady, immediately," Sudeikis said. Not to be outdone, Bateman quickly added, "What is her name? She is fetching!"

Watch more from the four cast members and be sure to catch 'Horrible Bosses' when it takes charge in theaters July 8.