Julia Roberts: Tom Hanks 'Almost Killed Me' on a Scooter


Tom Hanksstole the show last night as he rode into the Los Angeles premiere of his new film 'Larry Crowne' amidst a cavalcade of scooters. However, as skilled a cyclist as Hanks may have seemed, co-star Julia Roberts sets the record straight, telling us he wasn't always such a masterful biker.

"He almost killed me," Roberts says of Tom Hanks' shaky Vespa skills during filming. "He almost took one of my legs off - The good leg!"

Regardless of the near-fatal incidents, it seems that Julia still holds Tom to the highest esteem, confessing she was "flatter[ed]" to be asked to be a part of his project because he's so "interesting," and "such a great actor."

According to Hanks, the feeling was mutual. He gushed that getting Julia to sign on to his project was not something he believed he could accomplish, because she's "the apex" and "the gold standard" of actresses in Hollywood, but as it turned out, he scored the "dream" when she came aboard the film.

In the movie, Tom plays Larry Crowne, an average guy recently fired from his big-box job, who decides to reinvent himself by going back to school. There he develops a crush on his public-speaking teacher played by Julia Roberts. Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad"), Taraji P. Henson ('The Karate Kid'), Cedric the Entertainer ('Madagascar'), Pam Grier ('Jackie Brown'), Wilmer Valderrama ("That '70s Show"), George Takei ("Heroes") and Mrs. Hanks herself, Rita Wilson ('Sleepless in Seattle') round out this all-star cast.

Watch the video to hear more from Tom and Julia's wild on-set adventures.

Tom Hanks co-wrote, directed, stars in and produced 'Larry Crowne,' which hits theaters July 1, 2011.