Derek Hough on 'Dancing With The Stars' Return: 'We'll See What Happens'


"Dancing with the Stars" pro Derek Hough gave us behind-the-scenes access for his upcoming film, 'Cobu 3D,' and the dancer-turned-actor was gracious enough to give some insight on his future with the popular reality competition.

"We'll see what happens," Derek disclosed. "I've definitely been speaking with the producers. I might be going on there and trying some new things."

Those new things he referred to are some of the moves he's learned since shooting the dance flick. He has numerous sequences with Korean singer Boa Kwon, his co-star and love interest in the movie, and the two of them found themselves working well together despite contrasting styles, primarily thanks to his days on "DWTS."

"He's always pushing to me to do this, this, this," Boa said when asked to how dancing with Derek was like. The playful performer had his own take on their experience. "She works really hard but just very different. She [dances] with the cameras rolling and I got to keep up with her!"

Hear more from these two about their dance moves in the movie. Make sure to catch 'Cobu 3D' when it struts into theaters next year!