President Eyes Clooney & Streep to Play Clintons

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Who would Bill Clinton cast in his ideal biopic?

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The former president stopped byPiers Morgan Tonight on Thursday to discuss a wide range of topics with guest host and media mogul Harvey Weinstein and inevitably, the conversation veered to cinema which got the two musing who would play the Clintons in a fantasy movie of his life.

When Clinton failed to come up with a suitable candidate for himself, Weinstein threw out a few names of Hollywood's elite, one of which definitely caught his fancy.

After dismissing Brad Pitt for being "too good looking," the former president was taken with the idea of George Clooney, who he deemed to be "more my size."

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"He's fabulous," Clinton gushed, "He was so good in [The Descendants], so real."

As for who would play his right hand lady, he was quick and confident with his answer, telling Weinstein that Meryl Streep takes the cake as his first pick.