Penelope Cruz's Experience with Woody Allen


Woody Allen has established himself as one of the most unique personalities in Hollywood in his many years as a writer, director, and actor. While his style is often satirized, his To Rome with Love co-star Penelope Cruz said that Allen was a pleasure to work with.

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"He was always so kind and respectful to everyone on the set," said Cruz, who plays a prostitute named "Anna" in the film. "I love the way he works. He just doesn't want to lose time...He says something when he has something to say, and if not, he's not fake and I love that. It's really refreshing to see somebody like that."

Although Allen emits a different vibe on the set than most Hollywood directors, Cruz revealed that it doesn't hamper the actors in their performance. "He has his way and also he's very aware of what every actor needs and he's very generous," she said. "He never said 'no' to me when I asked him for another take."

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The Spanish actress continued her high praises for Allen, with whom she worked once before on Vicky Cristina Barcelona. "To me he's a genius," she gushed. "I don't think you can use that word with a lot of people but I think he is as a writer, as a director, as an actor. He's done amazing things over the years and I've been a fan of his work since I was a little girl."

In addition to directing and writing the romantic comedy, Allen also acted in the film, as he normally does on his projects. Cruz maintained that she was impressed with Allen's acting display in the film.

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"I really like what Woody did in the movie. I think it's one of his best performances," the 38-year-old actress said. "I think he's so funny in it."

Check out Cruz's full interview above, and see her on the big screen this Friday (June 22) in To Rome with Love.