'Wreck-It' Stars' Hilarious 1-on-1 Interview


Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch team up on the big screen for the Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph, and the two had a ball of a time mixing things up a bit and interviewing themselves instead of being interviewed by ET.

"I'm wearing an adult diaper," Lynch joked when asked by her co-star to share something that people would be shocked to know about her. "You know I was asked to a commercial for an adult diaper? It is true, and they offered a lot of money."

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The two actresses and comedians may not be accustomed to being the interviewers instead of the interviewees, but they both have plenty of experience in the world of voice acting. Amongst their many voice roles, Silverman starred on Crank Yankers and Lynch played characters in Rio and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

In Wreck-It Ralph, the two stars voice characters that influence the film's main character, Ralph (John. C Reilly), to change his mind about reveling in destruction when he transmits himself into their respective arcade video games.

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Much like her stern Glee character, Lynch plays a no-nonsense military sergeant who battles alien invaders in her video game, "Hero's Duty" and Silverman plays a young racer in the fantastical racing game, "Sugar Rush."

Check out their hilarious interview above to hear their nicknames for each other as well as their rendition of ET's storied theme song.

Wreck-It Ralph
in Disney Digital 3-D is in theaters November 2.