Connor Cruise Looks to Dad for 'Red Dawn' Stunts


A small band of rebel insurgents defend our home turf in the enemy invasion parable Red Dawn, and Connor Cruise says that he looked to dad Tom Cruise for guidance when it came to performing his own stunts in the explosive remake.

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"I've always been around [stunts] with my dad, and so he always makes sure I understand it," says Connor. "And watching him all these years [on his movie sets], that's helped a lot."

In Red Dawn, North Korean forces invade the United States, and it's up to a group of small-town high school friends -- dubbed The Wolverines after their school mascot -- to stand their ground and disrupt the enemy.

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Co-starring alongside Connor are Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Josh Peck, Isabel Lucas, Adrianne Palecki, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Will Yun Lee.

Red Dawn invades theaters Wednesday.