Would Ryan Phillippe Want His Children To Act?


Having established himself in the film industry after years of acting, Ryan Phillippe is now making his directorial debut in Shreveport, which he also stars in, wrote, and co-produced. As his children with ex-wife Reese Witherspoon are getting older, Phillippe pondered on the prospect of his children becoming actors.

Phillippe, who had two children with Witherspoon that are now 13 and 9 years old, revealed that his children had been on the set of the upcoming thriller with him. While his children's parents are both actors, Phillippe assessed that he doesn't foresee them in acting and wouldn't be heartbroken if they didn't pursue the field.

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"I don't encourage it; I wouldn't necessarily discourage it," he said of his children becoming actors. "I think there have been times in my life where I think I'd like them to do something that maybe matters a little more...but I think this can too in some ways."

Apart from his own ideological influence in guiding his children towards their future careers, the 38-year-old actor asserted that his children haven't displayed characteristics that would suggest they're cut out to become actors.

"I feel like [their] personalities are maybe not so performer-inclined," he said. "Maybe they'll find something [in entertainment]. Maybe they'll be a director, but they're still taking shape."

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Phillippe's directorial debut is being filmed in Shreveport, La., where he insisted it be filmed over the alternative of creating a set because he aimed to capture the natural beauty of the outdoor swamps. Having important creative control over the project is something that he cherishes.

"I do love the idea of being writer-director," he said. "What I love is...[that] this structure that we got to build where my character's held captive is completely by my own design and is exactly what we were writing the script to, so that's an incredibly rewarding thing...These characters, the way they speak, this setting [are] really all out of the imagination of myself and my co-writer."

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Phillippe revealed that he isn't the only one enjoying the experience of his directorial debut, as he maintains that the cast is one of the happiest he's seen and has created one of the best sets he's ever been on.

"I've been on the set of over 30 movies as an actor and in other ways, and this is one of the first where people walk around quoting lines all day," he said. "They're just super into the content, and it makes it more fun for everybody."

is set for release in 2013.