ET Exposes Mistakes in Well-Known Movies

ET Exposes Mistakes in Well-Known Movies

With high budgets and even higher expectations from moviegoers, you'd expect all mainstream films to be flawless, but as ET exposes, even some of the most beloved films have committed errors that you might not have noticed at first glance.

Even hailed producer Jerry Bruckheimer's films are subjected to their share of blunders, which is where we'll start, with the 2003 adventure film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Lost Pearl.

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As you can see in the video, during a scene in which Johnny Depp's "Captain Jack Sparrow" barks out orders to his shipmates, there is a crew member wearing a cowboy hat visible in the background.

In another Bruckheimer film, this one Days of Thunder, starring Tom Cruise, Caroline Williams ("Jeannie Burns") refers to Cruise by his real name instead of his character's name, "Cole."

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Watch the video to see the aforementioned gaffes and other blunders you likely never noticed while watching Star Wars and Braveheart.