'2 Guns' Hits Target at Box Office

Universal Pictures

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg proved to be a successful box-office combo this weekend, as their joint action-comedy film 2 Guns finished atop the box office with an estimated $27.4 million domestic.

Relinquishing the top spot to Washington and Wahlberg was Hugh Jackman's The Wolverine, which finished a near second in its second weekend of release with $21.7 million.

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The X-Men series film is now $5 million from passing $100 million domestic, which it has already achieved abroad with an incredible $159 million. Of its $254 million worldwide total, 63 percent of it gross total has been amassed abroad.

Finishing in third at the box office was animated sequel The Smurfs 2, which pulled in $18.2 million in its opening weekend.

Although the film, starring Katy Perry, George Lopez, and Fred Armisen as voice actors, was upstaged by fellow opening film 2 Guns, the family comedy opened on Wednesday, and its weekly numbers slightly exceeded 2 Guns' with $27.8 million.

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Finishing below The Smurfs was horror film The Conjuring, which crossed the $100-million domestic threshold with a steady $13.6 million for its third weekend in theaters.

As other blockbusters in the $100-million-domestic club continued to boost their hefty totals (6. Grown Ups 2: $8.2 million, $116.4 million, 9. The Heat: $4.9 million, $149.7 million), Despicable Me 2's domestic total continued to swell over $300 million.

With an additional $10.3 million in its fifth weekend in theaters, the Universal Pictures animated sequel currently flaunts a $326.7-million domestic total and astounding $713.7-million worldwide total. Those totals position the film at No. 29 and No. 57 all-time in the respective categories.

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Rounding out this weekend's box office was sci-fi film Pacific Rim, which posted $4.5 million for its fourth weekend in theaters.

While the film has still yet to enter nine-digit territory in the U.S. ($93 million), it has more than doubled its totals abroad ($200.4 million) and has reaped $293.4 million worldwide.