What's Next for Cornetto Trilogy Crew after 'End'?


The concluding film in the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy may be aptly titled The World's End, but it's unlikely to be the last time we see this group together on screen. ET got the cast's take on what's to come after The World's End.

Actors Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Julia Deakin, and Martin Freeman and director Edgar Wright have been working on films together for nearly a decade now and all but Freeman also combined their creative talents on the sitcom Spaced from 1999 to 2001.

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Now having collaborated on Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End, the crew has completed the Cornetto trilogy (based on a different symbolically selected Cornetto ice cream flavor that appears in each film), but there's likely more to come from the comedy circle.

"I don't know; I think we might build furniture," star Simon Pegg joked of any future collaborations. "It might not be film, you know, we might do something like make a boat or invade a country. I don't know; we haven't decided."

Pegg's co-star and on-screen accomplice Nick Frost also supplied a mainly sarcastic answer to ET's prompt about future joint projects, but his proposition wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

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"Our characters seem to be growing as we grow as people, so maybe [we'll be] 50-year-old divorcees trying to get with hookers in Vegas?" Frost said.

While the two stars gave comical responses, the man behind the lens with the pen, Edgar Wright, envisioned a more serious vision for any future collaboration that may occur amongst the bunch.

"I ideally hope that we'll reconvene in a couple of years and do another movie, but it might be something radically different next time," said Wright, who has co-written all three films with Pegg. "The three films we've done so far, we want them to represent a chapter. Maybe we'll do something magical next time."

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Watch the video above to hear the cast and premiere attendee's favorite beers.

The World's End
is in theaters in the U.S. this Friday (Aug. 23).