'World War Z', 'Star Trek' Back As Double Feature


A bloody Brad Pitt and bruised Chris Pine are returning to a theatre near you. Just, not in the same movie.

The zombie apocalypse film World War Z, and the spacefaring action pic Star Trek Into Darkness are returning to the big screen, this time as an old-school double feature.

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Paramount is taking a cue from classic Hollywood techniques in its attempt to drum up additional sales for two of the summer's biggest tent pole films.

In celebration of Labor Day weekend, from August 30 to September 5, moviegoers can relive the excitement of these action-packed features for the price of a single ticket. The double feature will be playing in select AMC and Regal theaters.

If you want to watch a zombie-bashing Brad Pitt survive the apocalypse, followed by a wild Chris Pine going toe-to-toe with a brooding Benedict Cumberbatch in space (or, like many of us, watch them yet again) then check theater listings for your chance!