Star Trek Stars: Keep on Trekking, or Twerking?


The stars of Star Trek Into Darkness stepped out in style to premiere their blockbuster hit on Blu-ray and DVD this week with a party beneath the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. One of the big question on people's minds: Keep on Trekking, or keep on Twerking? Watch the video…

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Director J.J. Abrams was joined by Starfleet crewmembers Simon Pegg, John Cho, Bruce Greenwood, Deep Roy, Peter Weller, Nazneen Contractor, Alice Eve and the original Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy, to celebrate the film's release beneath the wings of NASA's finest creation.

J.J. tells ETonline, "What we're doing is making a movie that's a lot of fun and science fiction and sort of fantasy, and then you come to this place and you realize, 'Oh my god, of course it's real,' and you just can't believe the truth of it and fact of it, and it just really is a humbling experience."

Of course, J.J.'s energy is now focused on Star Wars: Episode VII, but he says he's closely involved with the third movie in his Trek franchise, producing it and "coming up with the beginnings of the story." "It matters so much to me, mostly because from the ground up I was never a fan originally, and I kind of came to love it from working on these films, so it's something that's very meaningful to me, and I really can't wait for this next chapter to be told."

Despite the film's obvious box-office success, a faction of die-hard Star Trek fans at a Vegas convention placed Into Darkness dead last in a poll of all Trek films a few weeks ago, prompting Pegg, who plays Scotty in the new films, to speak his mind with a resounding "F.U." But did he really need to defend the movie?

"Yeah, if you're doing an interview and somebody says, 'Oh that,' you tend to react emotionally," Pegg tells ETonline. "We worked really hard on this. I care about it. My friends are in it. When somebody just goes, 'Ah, pfffft,' you just want to say what I said."

He adds that the journalist who asked him the question is just as much to blame, "Because I felt like it was a bit, 'Well, what are you telling me this for?' I thought it was a divisive move to spring on me, and it kind of pissed me off, to be honest. I'm a human being, so if you don't like what I say, sorry, but there we go."

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Watch the premiere video to see what the stars think of partying under the Space Shuttle Endeavour, hear them share their favorite Star Trek memories – and flash that Vulcan salute!