First Look: Brad Pitt & Crew Look Tough in 'Fury'


World War II is familiar territory for Brad Pitt after his Nazi-killing heyday in Inglorious Basterds, but now he gets to fight the war with a tank!

This is the first picture of the cast, and the tank, from the upcoming David Ayer's new film Fury, starring Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal and Michael Pena. Ayer debuted the photo on twitter yesterday.

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The story will follow this tank crew as they lead one last offensive against the waning Nazi forces in 1945. Also, Brad Pitt's character is named Wardaddy, so you have to be excited for that!

The crew and the tank look intense, and director David Ayer is no stranger to intensity, with a directing track record consisting of End of Watch, Harsh Times and Street Kings.

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is currently scheduled to be released November 14, 2014.