Who's the Biggest Troublemaker of 'Last Vegas'?

Who's the Biggest Troublemaker of 'Last Vegas'?

In their upcoming comedy Last Vegas, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline reconvene in Vegas for an unruly bachelor party, but which one of them is most likely to get into trouble in Vegas in real life?

ET's Nancy O'Dell caught up with the cast of the flick before they received a key to the city of Las Vegas on Friday to get some behind-the-scenes info on the accomplished acting legends.

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As the film centers on a group of friends in their sixties who go all-out in Vegas for Douglas' character's bachelor party, ET asked the cast whom among them would be mostly likely to get into some mischief on the Vegas strip.

All fingers—except his own—pointed at the eldest actor of the group: Morgan Freeman.

"Walking behind you in a casino, I can honestly say there was not a single woman of any age that didn't gasp when she saw you—in adoration," Mary Steenburgen said to Freeman.

While Freeman objected to his co-stars' nomination—pointing his finger at De Niro's as the most likely troublemaker—he was quick to express his gratitude to work alongside such acclaimed actors.

"I'm working with people that I have venerated for an awful lot of years, [that I] just look up to," the five-time Oscar-nominated actor said of his hailed cast mates. "So, to get a chance to work with them is one of the biggest feathers in my life's cap."

Despite his exaltation for his co-stars, Freeman didn't get catch a break when ET posed our next question to the cast: Who acts least like their age?

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However, this time the 76-year-old admitted it was him and demurely raised his hand.

Watch the video above to see the Hollywood legends receive their key to Las Vegas, and see them team up on the big screen in Last Vegas, in theaters November 1.