What's The Downside To Working With Meryl Streep?


Chris Cooper and Meryl Streep memorably shared the screen in 2002's Adaptation, and they're co-starring once again in the hotly anticipated August: Osage County (out December 25). ETonline scored an exclusive clip from the cast's LA Times Envelope Screening Series, in association with EPIX, Q&A where Cooper gushes about the multitude of bonuses working with Meryl affords.

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"What [the audience doesn't] get to see is the masterclass is watching Meryl give us a different take on the scene that we're doing," Cooper says. "She'll do the drugged-up version, she'll do the nasty under belly, she'll do the comic version, she'll do so many. That must be such a delight for the director when it comes to putting this together. He's got all these choices and can go on a great ride."

Check out the video to hear director John Wells reveal the only downside that comes from working with Meryl Streep!

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