JLaw: Why Katniss Is Still 'Unfamiliar To Me'


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
is poised to take the world by storm, and the stars of the film were in New York on Wednesday, Nov. 20, for a special screening of the highly anticipated sequel.

In the movie, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, 23, plays Katniss Everdeen, the winner of the violent last-man-standing titular Hunger Games. Katniss is a poor teenager stuck in the middle of political intrigue, a love triangle and a burgeoning revolution found in this dystopian world.

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After living with Katniss during the creation of the first Hunger Games, Lawrence says that it wasn't any easier playing her in the action-packed sequel. "There were a lot of things that were kind of unfamiliar to me, going back into it," the actress said of playing the iconic female heroine.

"She had post-traumatic stress, and she's gone through a lot of changes. ...I was trying to get to know her again, in a different place."

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Check out the video for more from the stars of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, including the charming Sam Claflin, who plays Finnick in the film, Elizabeth Banks, who plays the prim and proper Effie Trinket, and Jena Malone, who plays former Hunger Games victor Johanna Mason.

Catching Fire hits theaters Friday, November 22.

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