Zac's Fans Turn Out In Droves For 'Awkward Moment'


Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller star in the upcoming comedy That Awkward Moment, but on the red carpet at the film's LA premiere, the mood was anything but awkward as screaming throngs of fans came out to see the cast. And, as the cast all knew, the screaming fans were mostly there for Efron.

"I was right in front of Zac on the red carpet," said star Mackenzie Davis, "And then all of the sudden this storm happened, and he came on. It's insane."

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"I think a lot of [the fans] grew up with pictures of Zac on their wall," joked Miles Teller. "So it's a big moment right now."

"It's a New York film at its core, but it's really wonderful to get this kind of reception from Zac's fans," added star Imogen Poots, laughing about the adoring crowd.

All this crazed love from his star-struck admirers, it would seem that Efron must have experienced some pretty crazy fan encounters.

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"It seems like they get crazier every day," Efron joked. "Everyone's unique. Everyone's different. I love all my fans and they all have something different to say."

That Awkward Moment
follows the lives of three best friends who are all experiencing different hardships in their romantic relationships, as they explore their lives, their loves, and a three-way bromantic friendship.

That Awkward Moment
hits theaters January 31.