Emily Blunt Ready For War In 'Edge Of Tomorrow' Poster

Warner Bros.

The world is on the Edge Of Tomorrow and only Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise can bring the planet back from the brink of destruction. In this newly-released billboard/banner poster, we get a better look at Blunt suited up and ready for action.

The story, set far in the future during a violent invasion by hostile aliens, follows Lt. Col. Bill Cage (Cruise), a solider with little combat experience, who gets sent on a suicide mission that leads to his death. However, for reasons he doesn't understand, he wakes up in a time-loop being forced to relive the same mission over and over.

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He meets the mysterious Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski (Blunt), who claims to have suffered the same time-loop fate, and she begins to train him to become a skilled, battled-hardened warrior who may just turn the tide of the alien invasion and save Earth.

This banner poster gives a quick look at everything involved. From the aliens to the fighting, to the total destruction of the Louvre Museum in Paris, the true depth of annihilation and the measure of the odds stacked against our heroes are in full, fiery display.

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The film is based on the critically acclaimed Japanese novel by Hiroishi Sakurazaka titled All You Need Is Kill, a title the film shared until it was changed in July last year.

From the full-body exoskeleton combat suits to the high-concept plot, Edge Of Tomorrow seems to have the potential to be one of those rare sci-fi movies that redefines the genre.

Edge Of Tomorrow
is set to explode into theaters June 6, 2014

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