Drew Barrymore & Adam Sandler Look Back At Their 'Wedding Singer' Interview 16 Years Ago


ET recently sat down with long-time friends and frequent co-stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler to talk about their new comedy Blended, and the two movie stars had a
chance to look back at their first ET interview together for 1998's The Wedding Singer -- now 16 years old.

And what do the two remember about their first meeting?

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"I remember laughing, enjoying … you had dark hair," Adam, now 47, reminisced.

"I think I was wearing a leopard coat too. I looked a little nuts," Drew, 39, admitted.

"You were cooler than me -- no doubt you were cooler than me," Adam continued. "You dressed cool. Girls always were bananas over Drew. The fact that I knew Drew made some ladies think I was cooler than I actually was."

Though according to Drew, she always knew the two were meant to be long-time collaborators.

"I was just trying to convince him of my plot, because I was scheming," she said. “I was a scheming MacPherson because I knew we were supposed to partner up."

Check out the video to see their priceless reaction to their interview 16 years ago, plus to hear why Drew makes Adam feel safe.

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Blended, which has the two playing characters stuck together at a resort for families after a bad blind date, hits theaters May 23.