ET Travels with Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt on Their Tri-City 'Tomorrow' Odyssey


Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt find themselves enduring a nightmarish "live, die, repeat" scenario in their new Sci-Fi thriller Edge of Tomorrow, and the co-stars got a real taste of deja vu when they premiered their new movie in London, Paris and New York all in one 24-hour period this week. ET special correspondent Carly Steel was along for the adventure, and it was a truly bonding experience -- especially with Tom's Top Gun playing on the flight! Watch the video...

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Based on the acclaimed novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, Edge of Tomorrow finds Earth under attack by a superior alien race called Mimics, forcing the outmatched human race to band together for one last stand.

Tom plays a combat-inexperienced officer forced into a suicide mission whose direct physical contact with the Mimics propels him into a Groundhog Day-style time loop, dooming him to die over and over again – and discover the key to defeating the enemy.

Edge of Tomorrow arrives in theaters June 6.