ET Top 5: Shailene Woodley is Shaking Up Hollywood


Shailene Woodley stars in the highly anticipated summer film, The Fault in Our Stars, in theaters on Friday. In honor of her latest flick, we're counting down the top 5 things you might not know about the 22-year-old actress!

Coming in at number 5: she doesn’t shake anyone’s hands anymore. So, if you ever meet Shailene, expect to be greeted with a hug from the young starlet. The actress embraces everyone she meets and explained why in a new interview with New York Magazine.

"I started hugging people because I was tired of fake interactions,” Woodley said. “You have only 30 seconds with a new person. I will give you a hug so you know I’m real, and then you’re real too. It helps to cut the b******* and say, ‘Now—what do you really want to talk about?’ But we’re born into a fear-based society that prefers to label things, and now I’m labeled ‘Shai, the hugger.’"

Number four, the actress chopped off eight inches of her hair in August 2013 and donated her locks to children with hair loss in honor of her role as 16-year-old cancer patient Hazel Grace in film adaptation of the popular novel, The Fault in Our Stars. "Oh my God, I might cry so hard you guys," Shailene expressed as she held her hair after the cut.

At number three: she almost didn’t get the part in the upcoming film because of her age.  "Josh the director thought I was too old because I was 21 when we filmed it,” she explained to TODAY. “I just remember going into the audition with really baggy clothes, no makeup on, tried to pull my hair back.”

Check out this video to see how Shailene surprised everyone on set with her outfit choice while shooting a sex scene!