Find Out Cameron Diaz's Fall Back Career On The Set of 'The Mask' 20 Years Ago


It's hard to believe that The Mask premiered 20 years ago today. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the sssssssssmokin' comedy, ET is taking you back to 1994 when we were on the set with a 31-year-old Jim Carey and a 21-year-old Cameron Diaz in her first movie role ever.

Prior to landing her big break with a starring role in the film alongside Carey, Cameron had been a model for four years. But it wasn't Hollywood that she imagined she would eventually end up—in fact, her future career aspirations were far from it.

"Well, I always wanted to be a zoologist ya see. That is what I was planning for most of my life," a young Cameron told ET in 1994. "As long as I get something from acting then I'll do it and then hopefully by the time I'm 40, 45, I'll be working in zoology."

Cameron, now 41, may not have had a lot of faith in her acting career back then, but little did she know that The Mask would change everything for her and a crazy young Jim Carey who was about to explode.

The Mask premiered in summer of '94 and would go on to earn over $351 million worldwide. Just after Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and just before Dumb and Dumber, it marked the beginning of the young comic's impending super-stardom.

Since then, Jim has not only made an Ace Ventura sequel but come November 14 we have a Dumb and Dumber sequel to look forward to, 20 years since the original. But would Jim every consider The Mask 2?

Back in 1994 Jim told ET, "I'd like to revisit the character, but if I ever do Mask 5 shoot me in the head."

Watch the video above to see what it was like for Jim to get in and out of that green make-up.

Would you want to see Jim and Cameron return for a Mask sequel?

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