'Jupiter Ascending' Gearing Up For 2015 Release With Colorful New Poster


The upcoming sci-fi epic Jupiter Ascending is on the rise, and has released this exciting poster as it gears up for its release early next year.

The film stars Channing Tatum as the intergalactic assassin warrior Caine who comes to earth with an assignment from the Queen of the Universe to kill some random human woman, played by Mila Kunis. But when it turns out that she may be more than just a destitute Earthling, Caine decided to risk his life to save hers.

It began as one of the most hotly anticipated sci-fi films of 2014, but some insider politics and panic over the film's large budget saw Jupiter Ascending pushed back from its original summer release date to the doldrums of the early months of 2015.

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It's unclear if the move was due to the film needing more post-production time or Warner Bros. getting cold feet and losing faith that the mega-budget sci-fi saga could hold its own against summer blockbusters.

One source of the studio's possible fear is that Jupiter Ascending is a totally original project. It's not based on a comic, it's not a remake, and it has no video game tie-ins (yet.)Because of this, there is no perceived built-in audience. With an estimated budget of $175 million, it's not hard to understand why Warner Bros. would want as little competition as possible for the film's release.

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Jupiter Ascending
is the invention of the Wachowski siblings, the creative duo who brought us The Matrix and its financially successful sequels.

However, they also brought us the box-office bomb Speed Racer and the critically-acclaimed but ultimately money losing epic Cloud Atlas.

It doesn't help that Warner Bros. took a big hit this year when their other big budget sci-fi gamble Edge Of Tomorrow took a dive. The Tom Cruise-led actioner about alien invasions and soldiers in mechanical combat exoskeletons cost $178 million, but barely managed to clear $100 million domestically.

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Whenever Jupiter Ascending does eventually come out, it's bound to be exciting for sci-fi film fans who have been craving something different than the endless stream of sequels and reboots that studios have been churning out in an effort to avoid any risk.

Eddie Redmayne, Sean Bean and Douglas Booth are among the film's many other supporting co-stars.

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Jupiter Ascending
is currently scheduled to hit theaters February 6, 2015. It is set to open against the Jeff Bridges-is-a-magical-knight fantasy film The Seventh Son and Johnny Depp's comedy caper Mortdecai.

Check out the film's trailer below.

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