Sexy 'Frozen' Halloween Costumes Are Here (and Yes, There's Even a Sexy Olaf)

You'll never look at Olaf the same way again

Nothing says Happy All Hallow’s Eve like taking innocent children’s characters and turning them into a sexy costumes you’ll maybe (definitely) spill beer on and definitely (maybe) seduce a horny Hanz with!

You knew it would happen eventually: Sexy Frozen Halloween costumes have arrived, courtesy of Yandy. Though, for what we’re sure are copyright reasons, they're not called “Elsa” or “Anna.” They’re called...

The “Sexy Ice Queen Costume” ($86.95). But, let’s be real...

Even the pose is the same. The mesh really takes it from Disney to Do-Me though. For an added $33.95, you can purchase a “Braided Blonde Wig” to complete the look.

If that’s not sexy enough, try the “Blue Snow Maiden” ($99.95).

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Meanwhile, Anna is the “Norwegian Maiden Costume” ($85.95).

“Be the princess everyone loves,” the description reads, seemingly oblivious to the fact that everyone likes Elsa better. Fun idea: If you buy a handful of these now, you can use them as bridesmaids dresses to go with your Frozen wedding dress.

And Olaf has become the “Funny Snowman Costume” ($36.95), if you want to traumatize the young Frozen fan in your life!

C’mon, that’s just wrong. Too far, guys. Too far.