What Would Matthew McConaughey's Son Save If A Tsunami Hit Malibu? His Dad's Oscar.


Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey stopped by to talk to Ellen DeGeneres, who explained to the actor that his full title has gotten longer now that he's a celebrated actor.

"I introduced you as 'Academy Award Winner' and did you realize, when you won the Academy Award, that that is how you are introduced forever- Academy Award winner?" Ellen joked. "If someone says, 'Whose coming to dinner?' - Academy Award Winner Matthew McConaughey is coming over tonight."

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"Jeez, his name is getting long," a laughing McConaughey responded.

"Are you used to that yet?" Ellen asked.

"I’m getting used to it," McConaughey answered with a smile. "I like it, that’s for sure."

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Another person who seems to like the new title is his 6-year-old son Levi, who the 45-year-old actor says is in awe of the golden trophy on his father' s mantel.

"There was a tsunami in Chile a few months back," McConaughey said. "And [my son] says, 'Papa, what's a tsunami?' And I tell him. And he goes, 'Well, couldn't one hit us here?' And we're in Malibu and I said, 'Well it could.' And he goes, 'What would we do?' I go, 'We'd get our most prized possessions. We'd get the dogs, the cat, your sister, your little brother, me and mom and we get out of here as quick as possible. Just what we really need.' And he goes, 'Well wait, wait. We'd need the Oscar too, right?'"

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McConaughey's son might appreciate the trophy almost as much as his dad. Almost.

Check out McConaughey's interview with Ellen on Friday, November 7, the same day the Oscar winner's new film Interstellar hits theaters.

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