Dislike The Official 'Star Wars' Title? Now You Can Make Your Own!

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On November 6, it was revealed that the title of J.J. Abrams' upcoming installment in the Star Wars franchise is going to be Star Wars: The Force Awakens -- but not everyone is on board with that title. 

As exciting as it is to have a new Star Wars movie on the horizon, the new name has led to some pretty strong debate between people who liked the name and people who hated it.

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While those who don't like the name are going to just have to come to terms with it, The Verge has created a way for them to live out their movie naming fantasies with this awesome Star Wars: Episode VII Title Generator.

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It's really quite simple: All you do it type in whatever name you think Star Wars: Episode VII should have, and it will generate that name in the film's proper title font. Then, you can print out the image and live in an imaginary world where your better title was actually the one they used.

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For fun, we decided to just give Star Wars: Episode VII the title of other films that were the seventh installment in their franchises. For example…

Technically that last one is just the second in the Breakin' series, but really Electric Boogaloo is the best sequel subtitle ever.

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If they ever make a Disney animated series set between Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi and this upcoming installment, they might be able to give the name "The Force Awakens" a bit more context.

For more Star Wars fun, check out the video below for a look at the announcement of the new title.

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