EXCLUSIVE: ET On Set with 'Magic Mike XXL': 'It's a Stripper Odyssey'


Channing Tatum and the boys are back for Magic Mike XXL, and while they've been eagerly sharing shots while making the film via Twitter and Instagram, ET's Nischelle Turner was granted exclusive access to the set for a look at what may be the most anticipated sequel of 2015.

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"This is a road trip movie," said Channing, who also co-wrote and produced the film.

Channing joked, "It's an odyssey, we like to call it. It's like The Iliad. It's a stripper odyssey."

Fans have been salivating for a follow-up to the wildly popular film since the 2012 original, a surprise success that cost $7 million and made $167,000,000 at the worldwide box office.

The second installment picks up three years after Mike (Channing) said goodbye to the stripper life and finally got serious with Brooke (Cody Horn). Now the remaining Kings of Tampa are ready to follow suit -- but first they want Magic Mike back for a handful of blow-out performances.

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The fellas learned some new moves this time around -- some of which were workshopped at home. Joe has been dating Modern Family star Sofia Vergara for a couple of months now.

"She has seen the routines," star Joe Manganiello said coyly.

And according to Channing, all that dance homework has paid off. He says Joe is the one to watch.

"It is terrifyingly unreal when he dances," Channing gushed. "My mouth is on the floor the whole time. He's going to blow people's minds in this movie."

While all the dancing looks like plenty fun, it's also a lot of hard work.

"We're all killing ourselves diet-wise," said Channing. "And that's not to be sexy on stage, that's just so you don't get fat. And it's misery. Misery loves company and we're all sort of looking at each other like, 'One more week, one more week, and then we can have carbs again.'"

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Fans will remember Joe's character "Big Dick" Richie revealing exactly how he got that nickname in the original film, and for those wondering, Channing promised that the actors do all their own *ahem* stunts.

"There are no stand-ins," Channing said. "There's no stunt doubles, there's no body doubles. It's all 100 percent us."

There are at least 300 extras who can attest to that being true. The movie made a Facebook post last month offering the female citizens of Georgia "the opportunity to be a part of what [they] call The Magic Mike Experience." The posting was quick to advise, "Please do not apply if you are offended by nudity and acts of a sexual nature."

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