Adam Sandler Is the Most Overpaid Actor for the Second Year in a Row


We bet Adam Sandler is less than  thrilled to hold on to this title -- according to Forbes magazine, the 48-year-old comedian is the most overpaid actor in Hollywood for the second year in a row.

To calculate the list, Forbes looked at the last three movies of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and calculated what they were paid as compared to what the movies earned. The magazine estimates that for every $1 Sandler was paid, he only returned an average of $3.20.

Clearly, it hasn't been the best year for Sandler, whose film Blended -- co-starring Drew Barrymore -- was a highly publicized flop.

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He also recently suffered embarrassment during the Sony leaks, when emails from employees revealed that they weren't big fans of the Grown Ups star, calling his recent films "mundane" and "formulaic."

Though don't feel too sorry for Sandler. In October, he signed a deal with Netflix to produce and star in four films, which will be exclusively available on the streaming platform.

As for other superstars on the overpaid list?

Number two on the list is Johnny Depp (who returned $4.10 for every $1 he was paid), who also had a few giant flops this year, including The Lone Ranger and Dark Shadows. Ben Stiller rounds out the top three ($4.80 for every $1), whose films The Watch and Tower Heist didn't do well with audiences at the box office.

But clearly, the most surprising names on the list are Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock. Though Magic Mike was obviously a huge hit, Channing brought in only an estimated $6.70 for every $1 paid, while Sandra brought in an estimated $9 for every $1 paid. But Forbes acknowledges that both stars appear overpaid only because of the methodology they used -- both made most of their money through back end deals once their films became successful, rather than getting paid upfront.

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Other stars that made the top ten include Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell.

ET caught up with Channing in October, when he promised that the highly anticipated Magic Mike XXL will have "a lot more skin."

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