The Best Moments From Amy Schumer's Star-Powered 'Trainwreck' Trailer

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"Monogamy isn't realistic. Again!"

The first trailer for Trainwreck dropped today, comedian Amy Schumer's first turn in a big-screen starring role!

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The movie stars Schumer as an uninhibited woman who struggles to maintain a monogamy-free lifestyle when her co-star, Bill Hader, enters the mix. Schumer wrote the film, and Judd Apatow, who is behind Bridesmaids, Girls, and a lot of your favorite comedies, is the director. Watch the trailer above.

An (unfair) early concern might be that the story seems somewhat predictable, but many moments from the trailer have given us high hopes for when the movie premieres!

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Amy Schumer seems comfortable and collected in the starring role.

Amy Schumer has already made quite the name for herself in comedy, as the star, writer, and executive Inside Amy Schumer, as well as several stand-up specials, and TV appearances, but this is so next level from that. Not to overstate the importance here, but moments like these separate the Leo's from Leonardo's; the Marilyn Monroes from the Norma Jean's! You've got LeBron James in this thing, Amy!! Oh, speaking of....

LeBron James actually seems really funny.

This probably isn't fair, given that he's already a freaking basketball legend who people literally refer to as King James, but it appears LeBron actually has some comedic timing to boot. There's a really fun exchange between LeBron and Bill Hader where LeBron says he's going to skip out on practice to watch Downton Abbey, because "all the guys are talking about it, and I'm left out."

The cast really seems to click.

Amy Schumer: "He called me on purpose."

Vanessa Bayer: "Hang up he's obviously like sick or something."

That line from SNL favorite Vanessa Bayer, is our favorite in the whole trailer, and seems to highlight how much chemistry the cast appears to have on screen. Hopefully, the whole movie is this easy to watch.

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Good job Amy! We're excited.

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