'Entourage' Movie Takes Series to the 'Next Level' With 17 Celebrity Cameos

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The boys of Entouragerecorded a special message for ET as we got the first look at scenes from the movie.

Almost four years after the HBO show's finale, Vince (Adrian Grenier), E. (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Drama (Kevin Dillon) and Ari (Jeremy Piven) are back for the highly anticipated big-screen version.

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In the movie, Vince and the gang continue to navigate through the cutthroat world of Hollywood guided by super agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold. While their ambitions have changed, the bond between the friends remains strong.

As if fans needed more reasons to see the movie, it also features 17 celebrity cameos! Pharrell, Tom Brady, Liam Neeson, Calvin Harris and Jessica Alba all play themselves in the film -- and even Mark Wahlberg, who is a producer on the film, drops in with his own entourage.

The Entourage movie hits theaters June 5. Watch the video to see Turtle go a round in the octagon with MMA star Ronda Rousey.

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