Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Reveal What Makes Them a Great Comedy Duo in 'Get Hard'

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Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell are two of the biggest names in comedy. So, when they come together, it's no surprise that they bring the funny, and they bring it hard.

Speaking with ET at the premiere of their new comedy Get Hard, the two co-stars explained what makes them such a great comedy team.

"I don't know if anyone has more energy," Ferrell said, revealing what traits he admires in Hart. "It's not fake. It's 100% organic. He is like the most affable, friendly guy on planet earth. It's fun to see."

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As for Ferrell, Hart says it's his consummate professionalism and desire to collaborate that makes him a powerhouse comedy partner.

"[He] approached every work day like it's his first day. There is no lackadaisical behavior, no jaded essence that I have every picked up," Hart said. "That's why I really, really respect about him. He's not selfish with the funny. We want to make each other funny and we're both givers. In return it gave us a great comedy."

As for Hart and Ferrell's Get Hard co-star Alison Brie, she said that the two perfectly complement each other's style.

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"[Kevin Hart] is the human equivalent of a shot of espresso," Brie joked. "It's kind of amazing. You can't be tired around him… Will [is] the opposite. Will's like zen. Calm, cool, collected."

Check out the video for more from the stars of Get Hardon why Hart and Ferrell make for such a great dynamic duo.

Get Hard
hits theaters March 27.

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