Tony Gonzalez Makes His Tribeca Debut With Emotional 'Play It Forward' Doc

Tony Gonzalez is the subject of the documentary Play It Forward and ET was with Tony for his photo shoot at the Tribeca Film Festival.

NFL great Tony Gonzalez is the subject of the Michael Strahan-produced documentary Play It Forward and we were with Tony for his exclusive photo shoot at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The film was a part of the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival, which screens sports movies as part of the annual Tribeca Film Festival.

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Play It Forward chronicles the final months of Tony's NFL career, focusing on his family and the sacrifice that is necessary to achieve greatness.

In a career that spanned 16 years, the former tight end made the Pro Bowl 14 times. Tony currently holds NFL records for the most touchdown receptions (111) and total reception yards (15,127) by a tight end.

In addition to the thrill of having his movie launch the prestigious film festival, Tony also got another treat. His wife October interviewed him for ET.

"I'm so proud of you right now doing this interview," Tony told his wife. "You're so sweet. I'm not kidding. We've never done this before. This is our first time ever -- her interviewing me."

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With her reporter hat on, October soon shifted to the hard questions.

"What was it like having this guy for a boss?" October asked, referring to Strahan.

"If I'm going to have a boss, why not Michael Strahan?" Tony reasoned. "I used to kick his butt on the football field."

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Watch the video to see Strahan's comeback.