Ben Foster Looks Just Like Lance Armstrong in First Trailer for 'The Program'


Ben Foster might be one of the best and most criminally under-appreciated actors of this generation. Now, with his role in The Program, he looks better than ever and he might finally get to take center stage and bask in the spotlight.

In The Program, Foster plays infamous cyclist Lance Armstrong. The film details the Tour de France winner's career demise in the face of a doping scandal that brought down his whole world.

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It's almost freaky how much Foster manages to embody Armstrong in this trailer, both physically and in terms of Armstrong's quietly powerful and almost threatening personality.

The film is based on David Walsh's 2012 investigative non-fiction book Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong. In the film, Chris O'Dowd stars as Walsh, who dedicated himself to uncovering the truth behind Armstrong's claims that he never cheated.

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Lee Pace, Jesse Plemons and Dustin Hoffman co-star in The Program, which is set to hit theaters Sep. 23.

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