The 'Dope' Cast Share Their Favorite Things About the '90s

The nineties are making quite the comeback in Rick Famuyiwa's latest film.

The ‘90s are making quite the comeback!

From Netflix's upcoming Full House revival to Brooklyn's inaugural 90sFest, nostalgia for the decade that brought us Friends, Michael Jordan, Tamagotchis (remember those?!) and the "Macarena" has reached a fever pitch..

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The '90s are also the backdrop for Dope, a coming-of-age flick from writer director Rick Famuyiwa (The Woods). The Sundance darling follows high-school senior Malcolm (Shameik Moore) and his fellow group of teen nerds as they navigate adolescence in Inglewood, Calif., bonded by '90s punk/hip-hop/counterculture.

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ET caught up with the multicultural cast to find out their favorite fashion trends and music from the last great decade.

ET: What is your favorite clothing item from the '90s?

Blake Anderson: "Fanny Packs... I feel like we need a fanny pack acceptance. They really are helpful."
Rick Fox: "Unfortunately, I got caught up in the NBA-era of zoot suits."
Chanel Iman: "I love like a high-waisted paint... and crop tops and big earrings."
Keith Stanfield: "I like the overalls. I had a pair that was flooded

What is your favorite song from the '90s?

Blake Anderson: "Something by E-40 or Too Short. We'll say 'Captain Save A Hoe.'"
Allen Maldonado: "'Pumps and a Bump.' Was that MC Hammer? Was that the '90s?!"
Rick Fox: "I'm a Soul to Soul guy--'Back to Life.' 'I Left My Wallet In El Segundo' was a big one for me [by] A Tribe Called Quest. Lot of early,early hip-hop and R&B."
Chanel Iman: "It would be A Tribe Called Quest song so that would be 'Benita Applebum.'"
Rick Famuyiwa (Director): "'Scenario'--A Tribe Called Quest."
Keith Stanfield: "I still listen to everything from the '90s. 'Gangster's Paradise' by Coolio."

hits theaters Friday.

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