Jai Courtney Was Too Hairy for 'Terminator Genisys'!

Jai Courtney had to shave for 'Terminator Genisys'.

Jai Courtney is one hairy man!

ET caught up with the Terminator Genisys actor at the Hollywood premiere where the temperature was hot and the celebs were a bit sweaty.

“I’m not keeping cool at all,” said Jai. “There’s a sea of salty water under this suit.”

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It didn't help that the 29-year-old actor was donning a coat of fur under his dapper suit.

“I’m a hairy man,” said Jai, who revealed he had to make some changes for the film, “They made me shave my chest.”

But, Jai is keeping his bushy facial hair for his role as Captain Boomerang in the upcoming DC super-villain film Suicide Squad.

“I’m playing an Aussie, so I’m just letting it all grow,” said Jai.

Terminator Genisys is in theaters now.