Ben Affleck Reportedly Set to Star In and Direct Standalone 'Batman' Film

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It looks like we are going to be seeing a lot of Ben Affleck decked out in the iconic cape and cowl.

The actor is reportedly teaming up with comic book writer Geoff Johns to create a stand-alone Batman film, which Affleck will also direct, according to Deadline.

Johns, who has worked on scores of comics and TV adaptations such as Arrow, The Flash and Smallville, is the perfect person to work with the two-time Oscar winner on a solo Batman feature.

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The news of Affleck directing the standalone project doesn't come as much surprise, given it was a stipulation the filmmaker made when he agreed to star in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

While Warner Bros. has not yet officially confirmed the reports, this means we could be looking forward to at least four appearances by Affleck as the Dark Knight, beginning with Batman v Superman in March 2016, followed by his rumored appearance in Suicide Squad, his leading role in Justice League, as well as this newly announced standalone -- and that's not including any future sequels!

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It could be nice, positive development for Affleck who is making his first official public appearance at Comic-Con on Saturday after announcing his pending divorce from Jennifer Garner last week.

To see Affleck in action, check out the brooding trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the video below.

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