Quentin Tarantino Addresses 'Hateful Eight' Script Leak at Comic-Con, Teases 'Kill Bill Volume 3'

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"It got more public than I wanted it to get."

That’s the rather toned down way director Quentin Tarantino addressed the leak of his script The Hateful Eight. Last year, it became available prematurely on Gawker. Tarantino filed a lawsuit and, at the time, said he was shelving the project because of the leak, before ultimately revealing at Comic-Con 2014 that he would indeed make it.

"The thing about it, what pissed me off about the leak, was I normally finish a script and I’m ready to go into production," Tarantino explained, saying for this particular script he hoped to do a few drafts "to get there."

He continued, "I knew I had a couple of drafts to go, that’s why I was disconcerted when it got out there. But my process is my process, so even though I yelled and I screamed, I kept doing what I was going to do."

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During the Hall H panel, Tarantino premiered seven minutes of never-before-seen footage from the movie cut together just for Comic-Con. The clip introduced us to all eight players, and from what we saw, Jennifer Jason Leigh’s scenery chewing will be what everyone is talking about when the movie is released, road show-style, on Christmas day.

Still, some couldn’t help but think of a different Tarantino flick: During the audience Q&A portion, one fan asked if we’ll see a third installment in the Kill Bill series. "Never say never about Kill Bill Volume 3," Tarantino replied.

"Uma [Thurman] really wants to do it," he continued. "We talk about it every now and then. We have to wait for Vernita’s daughter to get old enough to go and try to kill her."

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Tarantino also looked forward to what’s next in his career, including whether he considers himself a Westerns director now, following Django Unchained and now Hateful Eight:

"I actually feel that when it comes to Westerns, at least nowadays you have to make three Westerns to call yourself a Westerns director. Otherwise you’re just dabbling," he said. "So, I will make a third Western so I can call myself a Westerns director and throw my hat onto that table."

As for comments he made last year at the American Film Market conference about wanting to only direct ten films before he retires:

"We’ll see what ends up happening," he said, saying that comment was taken out of context. "That wasn’t so much a mission statement as me trying to have a conversation about an artists vitality. [...] I do kind of like the idea of ten and done. There’s a neatness about that."

"I might say, ‘to hell with that’ and make 15," he teased. "But I like the idea of getting out and leaving you wanting more." He also noted that it could be less than ten movies if he can’t make them how he wants to (i.e. shot on film, not projected digitally, etcetera).

"If that’s what movies become, I can move to television," he shrugged. "Maybe ten movies and then I do three mini-series, and they can be as long as I want. [...] All my scripts are too long, so if I could actually just write a story and it ends up being eight hours, all good."

To which the audience collectively screamed, "DO IT!"

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