How Scott Eastwood Mastered the Art of Bull Riding for 'The Longest Ride'

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Scott Eastwood immersed himself into the life of a bull rider for his upcoming film The Longest Ride, and ET has a behind-the-scenes look at the 29-year-old actor learning the craft.

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"We've been working on a little thing I like to call Robo Bull," Scott says in the clip.

Robo Bull is like a run-of-the-mill mechanical bull, but with one major difference -- it has tires that enable it to move around laterally.

"You want to stay over the bull's shoulders, and if you get too far back, you're gone. He's going to toss you," Scott says. "I've been doing it all -- getting on the bull in the chute, being on Robo Bull, jumping off the bull, this that and the other."

The effort Scott put in went above and beyond the call of duty, but he was happy to put in the extra work.

"I'm lucky as hell to be out here doing this," Scott says. "Guys would kill to have this opportunity."

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In The Longest Ride, Scott plays Luke Collins, a bull rider fighting to save his family's ranch who falls in love with a young woman (Britt Robertson). Through a strange occurrence, Luke's love story intertwines with a tale centered on an elderly widower that unite the two generations and set them on an extraordinary journey.

The Longest Ride comes to Blu-ray and DVD on July 14. Click the video below to find out what makes Nicholas Sparks' books box office gold.