FLASHBACK: Behind the Scenes of 'Clueless' and the Never-Before-Seen Cast Photos

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Ugh, as if!

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since we met Cher Horowitz and her fashionable, self-absorbed (albeit lovable) high school friends in Clueless. What has us wiggin' out even more is that ET was on the set with the then unknown stars two decades ago.

The characters in writer/director Amy Heckerling's comedy classic were exaggerated, over-the-top version of high schoolers in Beverly Hills, armed with beepers and cellular phones.

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"We're going very, very overboard here," Alicia Silverstone (Cher) told ET on set in 1995.

"This is the funniest take on life -- high school life," Stacey Dash (Dionne) echoed.

Silverstone, who went from an 18-year-old music video vixen to megastar overnight, admitted it was not easy getting into her character.

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"As I grew up I did not like these kind of girls," she said. "I could not stand them." But she added that under all the designer labels, Cher had a heart of gold. "She's unique because she's always happy."

premiered July 21, 1995 and became a blockbuster hit no one saw coming, earning over $10.6 million in its opening weekend. Twenty years later and the film is still a pop culture phenomenon.

"People seemed to like it when [the film] got into theaters," Heckerling told ET. "Then it kind of lingered and the language got picked up and then it would have these resurgences."

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But with the latest wave of remakes, reboots and sequels in film and TV, Heckerling says don't hold your breath for Clueless 2. "People, go, 'Oh, how about Cher in college?'... No."

Fair enough.

Watch the full video for more shenanigans behind the scenes of Clueless and the never-before-seen images of the cast on set.

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