Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg Interview Each Other in the Most Hilariously Awkward Chat Ever

Funny Or Die

To promote their new film American Ultra, co-stars Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg were asked to interview each other, and things got wonderfully, hilariously awkward.

As it turns out, their question cards got switched, so each of them ended up answering the kinds of questions the other routinely fields during a press junket.

"Do you have any favorite designers?" Stewart, who's been the face of several high-fashion brands, asked a confused Eisenberg. "I do get these questions a lot."

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"Uh, I guess, to be fair, Levis?" he replied. "I don't know if that's a person? If he's a designer? Or she's a designer? But, uh, I'm wearing their pants. And they fit."

Kristen's follow-up questions were a little more personal. "Are you seeing anyone?" she pried. Continuing to interrogate her co-star, she also asked, "Are you pregnant?" Finally, she inquired, "Did you get any work done?"

The Funny or Die video really does a great job at shining a light on some of the bizarrely sexist and confounding questions actors can get asked during a press junket and/or a red carpet event. Eisenburg, 31, and Stewart, 25, are great at pulling off the deadpan, dry comedic brilliance that makes the interview questions super uncomfortable to see answered.

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American Ultra hits theaters Aug. 21. 

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