Whoops! Dylan O'Brien Hurt Himself Doing 'Maze Runner' Slide Around His House

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It’s all fun and games until someone gets a freaking splinter!

The highly anticipated Maze Runner sequel features a whole new bag of tricks and stunts, including an epic slide from star Dylan O’Brien that left us completely jealous.

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We can all agree: If we could do this, we’d be doing it around our house constantly – and Dylan agrees!

“I slide around all the time,” said Dylan, referring to the move as his ‘baseball slide.’ “Which actually, funny story, we’ll dive into it after the interview… It involves a splinter in my toe.”

Ouch! NO!

“It scarred me from sliding around, but I just started to do it again,” said Dylan, who is finally recovering from the tragedy. “It's my most favorite thing to do ever because I love baseball.”

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That’s an understatement!

Any fan of Dylan (or a quick Internet search) can tell you that he is a die-hard New York Mets fan, so much so that he dreamed of a career in sports.

“My dream was to be the [General Manager] of the Mets,” said Dylan, “But I also wanted to commentate or something. But I wouldn't be good at it.”

We’re not buying that – he knew his stuff! Dylan got adorably very enthusiastic that we were even on the topic.

“I love this!” Dylan said excitedly. “We’re talking about BASEBALL!”

You can see Dylan (and his baseball slide) in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, which opens in theaters today.